Our region is experiencing unprecedented change and growth, and the Port of Halifax is excited to be part of this powerful momentum. Our vision for the future includes expanding our cargo and cruise infrastructure, and reducing the number of trucks on the streets of downtown Halifax.

Together, let’s build a modern port for our city, region, and country.


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In 2016 we kicked off a planning process to look at all the options available to take our Port to the next level. We gathered input from the Port community, city stakeholders, local residents, and our customers. And we worked with international port planning experts to weigh the pros and cons of the many options that were considered.


As Canada’s only east coast gateway for ultra-class vessels, it’s important that we get this right and move quickly to keep pace with the global industry. For the last two years, we’ve been the fastest growing port in North America. Let’s keep it going.

WELCOMING THE BIGGEST SHIPS. By expanding our infrastructure, we can ensure Halifax continues to be a vital link in the Canadian supply chain, facilitating global economic ties and providing access to international markets for importers and exporters. 

CONTRIBUTING TO A VIBRANT, LIVABLE CITY. We know that truck traffic is a concern for those who live, work, and play in downtown Halifax. While we work to finalize our larger infrastructure plan, we are working to find solutions that are aligned with our city’s growth and Centre Plan.

EXPANDING CRUISE OPERATIONS. Cruise is a big part of our business and we are exploring ways to welcome more visitors to the region. We have identified a number of options on both sides of the harbor that we believe will bring tremendous opportunity to the Port and community.

CAPITALIZING ON OPPORTUNITY. In 2016, the Port generated over 12,000 jobs, contributing $2.33 billion to Nova Scotia’s GDP annually, or 7.05% of all economic activity.


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Why does the Port need to expand its infrastructure?

To continue to be competitive in the global shipping industry, Halifax needs the capacity to berth at least two ultra-class ships. Our current infrastructure doesn’t meet this need.

What happens if we do nothing?

Without expansion, the Port’s business will not be able to grow at the same pace as its competitors. Big ships are calling—if we don’t make room in Halifax, these ships will leave us behind. The loss of business will have potentially serious economic impacts on Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the rest of Canada.